ACTORS' BIOGRAPHY (As of January, 2001)



GONG BEIBI (The Bus Driver)

GONG BEIBI began her film career as a child actress. She graduated from the Central Drama Academy, where she became a star in China after starring in several popular TV series. Due to her success while still a student, she became known in the media at the time as "little Gong Li" (who was an alumni and shared some similar features). She has starred in feature films in both China (Wu Tianming's "An Unusual Love") and Hong Kong (kung-fu comedy "The Lord of Hangzhou"). "Bus 44" is her first short film. She is currently starring in a TV series and will star in a feature film later this year.


WU CHAO (The Young Man)

WU CHAO was born in Beijing. Not a professional actor, he was discovered in 1998 for the lead role in the feature film "Lunar Eclipse" which went on to receive the Jury Prize at the 2000 Moscow Int'l Film Festival. "Bus 44" is his second film. He is a professional dancer in Beijing.


LI YIXIANG (Short Bandit)

LI YIXIANG graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in acting. He has taken on diverse lead and supporting roles such as a policeman, farmer, soldier, historical figures etc. His prior work includes several TV series and feature films. He lives in Beijing. Li has gone on to star in Chen Kaige's new short film "Ten Minutes"


ZHOU KUI (Tall Bandit)

ZHOU KUI graduated from Central Drama Academy in acting. A professional stage actor at the Beijing Children's Theater Group with TV series and feature film experience, he currently works in Beijing.

FILMMAKERS' BIOGRAPHY (As of January, 2002)


DAYYAN ENG (Writer / Producer / Director) is a young Chinese-American writer-director. He studied film arts in the US and transferred to the prestigious Beijing Film Academy where he finished his undergraduate studies in directing. His student short film won awards and nominations at eight international film festivals, and was acquired by CANAL+ for exclusive rights in France. For the past few years, Dayyan has been directing national TV commercial spots for the Asian market. His second short film, "Bus 44", won awards at Venice Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, becoming the first Chinese-language short film to win at both festivals. The film was also invited to 2002 Cannes Film Festival's "Directors' Fortnight", and most recently won the Best Short Film Award at 2002 Florida Film Festival . Extensive Chinese media coverage and the success of "Bus 44" started a revival in short-filmmaking in China. It was a critical hit both in Asia and US/Europe, while at the same time gaining TV and theatrical distribution world-wide. Dayyan is currently in China where he is in pre-production with his first feature film.


BILL YIP (Executive Producer) was born in Hong Kong and has started working in the feature film production since 1986 in posts including assistant director, scriptwriter and production manager. He worked with internationally acclaimed directors like Wayne Wang, Pucchi Leong, Masashi Yamamoto, Sylvia Cheng, Francis Gerard, Lawrence AhMon and Marion Hansel. He set up his own production house in 1998 and specializes in commercial and corporate works. He is currently the president of Creative Horizon, a Hong Kong multi-media art group that organizes workshops, performances and art education in various art forms.


SAM KOA (Cinematographer) was born in Hong Kong. He has been working in the film industry for over 8 years,and began his career as a lighting assistant on some of Tsui Hark's films in Hong Kong. After completing further studies at the Beijing Film Academy, Sam has worked as a cinematographer for a number of television commercials. Sam currently freelances in China.


XIAO HSU (Production Designer) was born in Taiwan and studied art and design at the National Art Institute in Taipei, before entering the directing program at the Beijing Film Academy. He is living in Beijing where he does freelance work. His prior work includes the Golden Horse Award nominated short film "One Yuan".


ZHANG YANG (Sound / Music) was born in Beijing, and grew up in the film industry. His father is the head of the Central Film Studio, and a well known cinematographer. Zhang Yang decided to follow in his father's footsteps in film arts, and graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in sound recording. His prior work has included sound for the award-winning films "East 22nd Street", "Xiao Wu" and "Platform". He is also the guitarist of the Chinese rock group Sober.


Screenplay, Producer, Director...Dayyan ENG
Cinematographer...Sam KOA
Production Designer...Xiao HSU
Sound, Music...ZHANG Yang
Film Editor...Dayyan ENG
Executive Producers...Dale ENG & Nahid ENG
/Bill YIP
/FU Dong
/GONG Beibi
/Dhabih ENG


Original Title: Che Si Shi Si
English Title: Bus 44
Language: Mandarin Chinese
35mm / Color / Dolby SR Sound
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85 / Kodak
11 mins. / Completed in April, 2001
Production Country: Hong Kong / USA