ACTORS' BIOGRAPHY(As of January, 2005)



Xia Yu (Chen Wen)

Xia Yu was the lead in "In the Heat of the Sun". The role earned him the Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival and Taiwan Golden Horse Award. He graduated from the prestigious Central Drama Academy, and has since starred in several popular TV shows and feature films.


Li Bingbing (Liu Rong)

Li Bingbing graduated from the prestigious Shanghai Drama Academy, and became popular in China after starring in several hit TV series. Her film's include the award-winning "Seventeen Years", "Purple Butterfly" with Zhang Ziyi, and Michelle Yeoh's "Silver Hawk".


Gong Beibi (Li Jing)

Gong Beibi began her career as a child actress, she later graduated from the prestigious Central Drama Academy, where she gained popularity in China among young audiences after starring in several TV series. She has starred in feature films in both China (Wu Tianming's "An Unusual Love") and Hong Kong (kung-fu comedy "The Lord of Hangzhou"). She also starred in the international award-winning "Bus 44".


Gao Qi (Du Haitao)

Chinese metal-rock star Gao Qi in his first feature film role of Haitao the rocker.


Wu Chao (Zhao Xiaosan).

Wu Chao who trained as a professional dancer, became the lead in "Lunar Eclipse" and “Bus 44” which both earned him acclaim at festivals around the world. He has now transitioned to acting and is a full time actor in Beijing.


Tu Songyan (Sun Zi)

Tu Songyan graduated from Central Drama Academy (he was classmates with Gong Beibi). His prior work includes TV series.

“Waiting Alone” Theme Song
Performed by GONG Beibi
Written by: CHEN Yufan
Arranged by: DONG Henan
Supervised by: CHEN Yufan
Produced by: Dayyan ENG & CHEN Yufan

FILMMAKERS' BIOGRAPHY (As of January, 2005)


DAYYAN ENG (Writer / Producer / Director / Editor) is a young writer-director known as Wu Shixian in China. He studied film arts in the US and transferred to the prestigious Beijing Film Academy where he finished his undergraduate studies in directing. Upon graduating, Dayyan directed national TV commercial spots for the Asian market. His short film, "Bus 44", won awards at Venice Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, becoming the first Chinese-language short film to win at both festivals. The film was also invited to 2002 Cannes Film Festival's "Directors' Fortnight", and most recently won the Best Short Film Award at 2002 Florida Film Festival . Extensive Chinese media coverage and the success of "Bus 44" started a revival in short-filmmaking in China. It was a critical hit both in Asia and US/Europe, while at the same time gaining TV and theatrical distribution world-wide. "Waiting Alone" is first feature film.


TOBY OLIVER (Cinematographer) is from Australia. A graduate of Melbourne’s renowned Swinburne Film School in 1988, Toby has gone on to create some remarkable film images, from the ‘beautifully lit’ gritty black and white of his first feature EVERYNIGHT… EVERYNIGHT (ACS Silver Award) to the box-office hit teen movie and AFI (Australian Film Institute) winner LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI (ACS Silver Award, AFI and IF Award Nominations) directed by Kate Woods (NCIS, BONES) and starring Anthony LaPaglia and Greta Scacchi; His work on short films, documentaries and features has been seen at major festivals around the world, including Venice, Sundance, Sydney, Melbourne, Busan, Montreal, Tokyo, Shanghai and Toronto.


THOMAS CHONG (Production Designer) is an acclaimed Hong Kong production designer and costume designer. His prior credits include "The Touch" starring Michelle Yeoh, Jackie Chan's "Who Am I", and "Beijing Rocks".


ZHANG YANG (Sound / Music) was born in Beijing, and grew up in the film industry. Zhang graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in sound recording. His prior work has included sound for the award-winning films "Xiao Wu", "Platform", "Bus 44" etc. He is also the guitarist of the Chinese rock group Sober.


Written & Directed by...Dayyan ENG
Produced & Edited by...Dayyan ENG
Cinematography by...Toby OLIVER
Production Designer...Thomas CHONG
Sound...ZHANG Yang
Line Producer...Michael McDERMOTT
Executive Producer...Cheryl HARPER
Original Music by... MAO Mao / Eric Picotte-HARPER / ZHANG Yang / Da Fei / Saba "Sabzi" MOHAJERJASBI


LEI Quesheng...Wen’s Father
YING Da...TV Director Chen
David WU...TV Actor “One-take Liu”
LI Xia...TV Actress #1
JIANG Mei...TV Actress #2
CHEN Yufan...Himself
GE Cunzhuang...Haitao's Grandfather
YUAN Quan...Xiao Mi
CHOW Yun-Fat...Himself


35mm film / 1:1.85 /Kodak
Language: Chinese
Country of Production: China
Year of Release: 2005
Chinese Title: Du Zi Deng Dai
Production Company: Colordance Pictures
Int'l Sales Agent: Arclight Films